I was wondering if an extra long hand held shower hose would work for mom instead of getting a bidet?


The existing hose is a bit short to reach the toilet, so we are considering a longer one for her Delta hand shower.

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This is EXACTLY what I used to help clean my mom, I hadn't planned it but it seemed like the best kind of serendipity!

Our shower and toilet are close enough that I could reach to turn the water on and off easily so drips were minimal (but a little water on the floor is no big deal). I did wish I had a toilet with the elongated bowl though, it would have given me more room to reach behind.
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Your best bet ( going through same issues but aren't we all)
It's called a peri bottle and not expensive ( Wal-Mart or amazon) and I think you get more control than the soap bottle ...
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Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas! The bottle idea sounds great, she has been using a cup but the spray bottle might be better for force or we are also considering a bidet toilet seat with warm water.
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Yes, the extended shower head would put the bathroom under water unless she was sitting on a bench in the tub. They do make bidets that are a hose attached to the actual toilet, but I could never figure out how you could get warm water out of there. Since most toilet water is ice cold, that certainly wouldn’t be pleasant.
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I have a hand held shower (tube and head). There is quite a bit of water that comes out of the many jets.

What we used on the Maternity floor was just a plain plastic squeeze bottle (has a pull up head to open it). It sprayed the right amount of water at the privates. She would also have control of the "force" of the stream.
I suppose you could use an small, old dish liquid bottle if you couldn't find the other one.
Much cheaper and easier than the shower hose or a bidet.
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Yes, I agree. Water everywhere. Bidet would be nice.
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In this case, I would expect to have water everywhere.
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