Need advice regarding itchy crotch. -

Need advice regarding itchy crotch.


My husband has Alzheimer's and I often notice him scratching his crotch, butt. I put Desitin, but still won't work... no rashes but skin looks damp.



Maybe get him checked for a yeast infection also. Men can get them, too. Diflucan is an excellent treatment for them.
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If there is nothing to see...

[It might still be worth asking your husband's nurse or doctor to take a skin swab and check there aren't any bugs causing a problem]

... I'm afraid the itch may be caused by the warm, constantly damp environment you're bound to get when you're dressed in a waterproof diaper; a bit like nappy rash.

If you have a continence care nurse, I'd ask about possibly using a barrier cream. Even better, but I realise this may be impractical, would be to leave the diaper off as much as possible. If your husband is doubly incontinent and his bowel habit is unpredictable, that's obviously a non-starter. But if it's only urinary incontinence and he is confined to a chair, could you consider using disposable pads underneath him (they can cope reliably with several pints of liquid) to give his skin a chance to breathe?
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My husband has Alz and I often noticed him scratching crotch, butt...I put desitin but still wont rashes but skin looks damp..I try to change his diaper evry 3 hours or if its full.I wash him with warm water esp crotch. I will try all your suggestions to see which will work..He can stand for a minute but can't walk becoz of degenrative osteoarthritis..
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Lotromin spray for jock itch.
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Is the person able to practice good hygiene?
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MrsVeteranww2, for 2 weeks change the laundry detergent and fabric softener you are using to see if that makes a difference. I use non-scented laundry detergent/softeners.

If there is no change, try changing the soap that is being used. Try plain Ivory or Basic.

If clothes are too tight, sometimes that can harbor bacteria which can cause a itchy feeling.
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