Mom has had a severe skin fold rash under her breasts and tummy fold for about 2 months now. She has never in her life had this. We've tried talc, wound care balm, anti-chaffing ointment, Lidocane cream for the pain, putting things between the folds to absorb moisture and putting nothing on it to see if it clears up and nothing is helping. My poor mother is in so much pain from this as her skin is shedding and cracking open. Her Physician Assistant has seen her and those were the things he said to try and said it wasn't a fungal issue. What she really wants is a tummy tuck and double mastectomy, but at 83 that'd probably be too traumatic of a procedure.
She is in a wheelchair so her tummy is always folded over onto her lap. She's not obese (160 lbs) but could lose some weight, but would still have the extra skin anyway. At her age, and the COVID isolations, the last thing I want to do is take away her treats.

Has anyone have any idea's that we haven't done yet to clear this up? Thanks!

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It is interesting that he said it wasn't a fungal issue? Because as you were speaking all I could think is fungal. What sometimes happens is that people use antibiotic cream and it kills good and bad bacteria, leaving things open to fungal. Then they use antifungals and the opposite happens. This can happen even in animals, sometimes dogs get this going on bare tummies. I would try an antifungal for a few days, just the over the counter ones such as monistat cream. It may initially turn red and burn for a day, but if a fungus it would cure it within 5 days. If it is the same, you have just PROVED that your MD was correct all along, but no harm done. Important thing if that doesn't work is basically keeping it dry as you can, sometimes with a small gauze tucked in.
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DILKimba Oct 18, 2020
That was exactly what I was thinking Alva! It sounds like yeast to me! I would use Lotrimin AF and some Desitin ointment over that as a protectant. That’s what I used to do in the folds of my baby’s skin when they got a yeast rash. The Destin is soothing to the skin. It’s mostly zinc which is healing!
Our skin normally has yeast on it. When there is an over growth we get a yeast infection. Tercozanale and nystatin work well if you want to go to a doctor. If not, just buy an over the counter product for a yeast infection. It's the same type of medicine. As others have said the yeast grows fast so needs daily washing off and drying well. Hairdryer works well. If you do take her to the doctor they might want to prescribe flucozanole by mouth. I would only use this if topicals don't work. It's a very strong medicine and can cause all kinds of side effects. Doctors will tell you that you get side effects when on longer term but that's not completely accurate. Some people can get them from one dose. Flucozanole is very hard on the liver as well. Please be aware yeast infections are itchy and scratching can leave yeast under her fingernails. Fingernails can get hard, discolored and disfigured if left to grow there unchecked. Make sure her hands are cleaned and nails soaked if scratching. It's hard to get rid of once embedded under the nails. It would require months on flucozanole and you don't want that. Densitin will definitely help with pain and itching and provide a protective coating so less urge to scratch. If she is diabetic make sure her numbers are under control. High sugars will feed the yeast. If she is diabetic check if she in on an sglt2 inhibitor like Invokana, Jardiance, etc. as these type of medications drive yeast production and might be causing frequent rashes. Good luck.
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I’m not a nurse or physician, but my mom’s skin became broken down and 2 things were especially helpful. First manuca honey that’s flattened out will aid healing. It almost looks like a fruit roll up with the paper over it. It heats up from body heat and is super healing. My personal favorite is fresh aloe Vera from a plant. Mom healed the most quickly when we put that on her and let it air heal.
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Isthisrealyreal Oct 18, 2020
Just a word for anyone allergic to latex. When you cut the aloe let it stand in a bowl for about an hour and then wash the leaf well, this will remove the natural latex that is just under the surface of the skin.
Hi Susie. Been there with my Mom with both breasts and tummy fold. The breasts started years ago. Applied anti fungal cream per Dr for a week and gone. Now use powder Every day to keep the area dry. Two months ago the tummy fold had same issue for the first time. I applied the anti fungal cream again and gone in a week and powder used now. Good luck. I hope you can get your Mom feeling better soon.
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Please make sure you are washing her bras, knickers and any other clothing that comes in contact with these areas with Borax. I would give the clothes a good soak in a pail of hot water and Borax for an hour or so, then dump the pail, water clothes and all into your washing machine. If it is a yeast or fungal infection, if the clothes are not treated, you will just be reinfecting her.

A mild vinegar solution, 1/4 cup white vinegar to 3/4 cup warm water, gently dabbed on the areas will help clear it up too. Dab it on, allow to dry.

I am a busty 40 I was the size of my last bra, and also get hot flashes. I struggle with rashes under by breasts. Doing the above keeps the worst of it at bay. I have a friend who puts pieces of paper towel under the folds after she bathes. It does a great job of absorbing the extra moisture.
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NeedHelpWithMom Oct 13, 2020
Borax is a very old product. Nice post!
My mom and aunt have terrible issues with rashes like this. My aunt swears by daily use of desitin on her upper thighs. If the rash is red and the skin is open her doctor needs to see it. She may need prescription cream for a bacterial infection.
Mom swears by Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel | Anti Chafe Protection | 1.5 OZ
She uses it everyday.
Wash areas twice a day with soap and warm water using a baby wipe. Pay dry gently.
Get mom to eat yogurt everyday. A high sugar diet increases risk of yeast.
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Desitin, I can not stress how great this works. I use it daily under my breast. I also used it for my mom to clear rashes in her bottom crack, leg creases and under her breast. Cleared up rashes and prevented further ones. It also prevents bed sores.

My dad had the beginnings of a bed sore, Skin was just starting to break, We had a nurse come through home care to look at it, she gave us ointments and special bandages it kept getting worse. I started using Desitin on dad without a bandage and it started clearing up. Dad has tummy rolls. He was so red and sore. Desitin cleared it up in 2 days. Now we coat every other day to keep his tummy area clear and I coat his bottom daily as a prevention. I can not say enough about how good this is. Takes the pain away instantly too. A friend used Utter cream in her parents but we were not very successful with that.
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Cindykey Oct 18, 2020
I agree completely! In our house, Desitin is the wonder drug! I tried buying a tub of zinc oxide. It does work as well for me.
Hi Susie,
I saw all the answers here.
Anything- ointment, paste, honey, steroids,- that has a creamy base to adhere to skin isn't going to work.
I have something better.
In Korea, we use this on burn patients when skin pain is in constant pain.
Go to Korean supermarket and buy white potato starch. It's about $5.
grab handful (don't be stingy), and copiously, put on your Mom's folds/skin.
Doesn't matter if it falls onto her clothes.
Constantly, keep putting much powder on as possible.
This doesn't let skin touch the skin- keeps skin dry- powder is slippery.
this is superior than baby power- which is a horrible joke of a product with fragrance as irritant.
Also works for diaper rash- for babies & seniors.
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Take her to a dermatologist for some cultures of what's growing in there. If you can't get a dermatologist to examine her in person, ask her permission and take some pictures on your phone.

Meanwhile continue to clean the area (use an emollient cream *as* soap, not on top of, and wash and rinse as normal) and *thoroughly* dry it, always using a clean towel (obvious I know, but you'd be surprised). I'm sorry it hasn't worked but I'd still try to keep the skin surfaces apart with clean muslin or clean cotton jersey (or, if it's not unaffordable, you might like to get some silk underwear for her to try? Not satin glamour, I mean the type mountaineers use).

With larger persons, if I can do it tactfully, I suggest they lie down after their shower so that it's easier for them to get *properly* dry. I encourage them to dry what they can, then I go over any areas they can't reach. This isn't just because of skin folds, though - it is also extremely difficult to do a good job of drying if your balance and your suppleness aren't all they were.

Don't despair - I've seen some rashes 😱 that looked dreadful but cleared up very fast once they were got in hand.

PS Don't take away her treats!
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Going with:
Candidiasis is caused by the same yeasts, or fungi, that cause vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush infections, and diaper rash. These fungal infections often occur in babies, people with illnesses that affect their immune system, and people who are taking antibiotics.
Candida yeasts thrive in the moist, warm environment under the breasts. They cause a rash that often develops uncomfortable blisters and small cracks. Like many other rashes, candidiasis can be very itchy.
Antifungal creams are used to treat candidiasis. If the infection is more widespread, your doctor may prescribe antifungal medications to be taken by mouth. It’s also important to keep your skin dry.
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