My mother in law has arthritis very bad, she cannot move around freely. She need assistant can you please tell me how I can go about it.

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Patricia, 97YearOldMom is so right about the effect of diet. You can get more information on noninflammatory foods online, or check out Herb Quarterly which offers good advice in a lovely formatted magazine. There are also special (very thick) magazine/books which a lot of information on which herbs and healthy foods can help.

On a nonfood issue, two of my family have had arthritis and used a machine that initially horrified me. It heats wax, the hands are dipped into the warm (not hot!) wax, and somehow or another it seems to help.

I can't help thinking of Vincent Price and the wax museum every time I think of dipping my hands in wax. But this is a device that physicians recommended, and my aunt said it helped her. She was a gardener and ran a gardening business, so she needed flexibility in her hands.

I'm not sure I could do that, so I just wiggle my fingers and practice scales in the morning, but my arthritis isn't really that annoying or problematic, other than if I practice piano, and I've learned to eliminate a lot of the chords as my left hand moves at about 1/2 the speed of my right hand.
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I have known four people to have crippling and painful arthritis. They all reached an age or stage where they seemed to not be bothered by it any longer. My mother would look at her crippled hands and say in wonder-they don't hurt anymore. The change I saw I believe was diet. Not a diet on purpose for arthritis but more as a result of other health issues that caused a change.
Tumeric is a spice that can be bought in a capsule and is great for inflammation. It can also be bought as a root and made into a tea. It helps my joints when they feel inflamed. If your MIL will gravitate towards a plant based diet she will have less pain, less inflammation. Eat less meat is what I'm saying.
Sugar is another thing that causes inflammation.
Read about these foods and see how you can influence your MIL. Chiropractor visits also help me Immediately with back pain. Your MIL is already blessed to have you wanting to help her.
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