I'm looking to help my twin sister get stronger and praying for healing. Is there a way I can be her care giver?

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Hey how you doing. Any assistance please I have all her documents so what is the next step?

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More information would be helpful. Are you asking how to get paid to do so? The only thing I know is that you can see if she qualified for Medicaid (different from Medicare) and in some states they have a program where you can get paid. I believe you might need to take a training class too. Sorry I am not much help. Others will add type this.

If you can add details, it will help. How old? What is her health issues?
Well she is my twin sister and she is 22 year of age like me .she is suffering from inflammatory in the SPINE. We are currently in South Carolina and thing here is kind of slow but she has Medicare if I'm not mistaking it been a long process and wait we have to wait on disability for 2 years because her case just now starting out we are 6 months into . well I'm willing to train for this, I'm at Northeastern technical college but I'm doing online classes so it make it easy for me to keep an eye on her but we surely need financial support for her. I will be fine if she fine right now its kind of tough and we fighting together through the storm. So we pray and work out a little and do her daily walk and sometimes I massage her back and legs and arms I use rubbing cream. When I came down here from job corp she couldn't even walk or move I had to push her and be here for my little sister. We twins but I came out first.
Sounds like she's applied for Medicaid, as she's way too young for Medicare.

What's the specific diagnosis of her spinal condition, and what kind of treatment has she gotten and is getting? Is she mobile, i.e., can she walk around, to the bathroom and bedroom? Is she using a walker? Is she getting home therapy and home care scripted for by a doctor?

When you write that you have her documents, do you mean she's executed a DPOA or POA and medical POA (health care proxy)? Or do you mean that you have her medical records?

I think the first step is to provide more information on her spinal condition, what her prognosis is, what her limitations are, etc. That will give posters more of an idea what kind of care might be necessary.
Ok well yes she do have medicals records and yes she had one treatment already. Well her limitations is she can Stay in the heat for two long. Her body need lots of water and massage. I'm not a doctor I just willing to receive funds for her and be there for her. Thats my twin Sister. If she always in pain to I'm in pain too we are in this together.. Its a lot to explain can I get a good poster who is willing to talk on cell Phone so I can explain she is with me now..Any offers. God bless
Who is guiding you in the process to get financial help? A social worker?

What is your parent's involvement in this situation?
Sounds like your sister is applying for Medicaid; if so, she will be assigned a case worker. You can start there to ask what other benefits she is eligible for.

As far as Medicare & SSDI, she may be considered a dependent child if your parents have Medicare. The reason I can cite is that with the ACA parents can keep their children on their insurance policy up until age 26 but I am not sure what the requirements are to be considered a dependent child, so I would go to Medicare.gov & research this.

If your sister is hospitalized you can ask for the hospital SW to help you.
Her lawyer is. Our mom pass away and we dont really know our father sir but just her lawyer is
Familyfirst, May God bless you for being such a good and loving brother. I will keep you in my prayers, as that is the best I can do for you. Stay strong and much love to you and your sister. I pray God will send you the help you need. Hang in there and both of you stay strong.
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