She is 93. I take care of her. I haven't had a day off in over three years. Where can I find someone? She won't agree to this (due to selfishness), but I need a break before I crash and burn.

Are you her durable PoA? If so, does she have dementia? If so, does she have the financial means to afford an in-home agency aid on the weekends on a regular basis? It doesn't matter that she insists on keeping you indentured... the caregiving arrangement only works when it works for both people, and it is not working for you -- you will burn out so you need to protect yourself whether she likes it or not.

If you are not her PoA, this is a whole other issue to be thought through.
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You should look into Respite care at local faciliities. In home 24/7 care would be very expensive. It isn't really up to her to decide at this point, unless she would prefer a move in which others would always be taking care of her. Call local ALF and Nursing Homes; I have even heard of a few Board and Cares that do some respite work where I live. Good luck.
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