I was told by family members to contact you. They also said you serve as advocates and that I need one. I haven't gotten anything from Medicare in some time and am told I should have because it needs to be renewed.

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Medicare part A, hospitalization, is free. Then there is Part B, medical coverage which is based on income, and taken out of Social Security.

And of course the alphabet soup of other Parts of Medicare that there is a fee and are renewed. See:

And of course Part G, medigap supplemental.

And Part F not available to new enrollees.

I just turned 65, know you have to sign up if not receiving social security. Other than that, I am far from an expert.
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anonymous1010889 Feb 26, 2020
It seems to get more complicated every year, doesn’t it? And a lot of the experts are really just salesmen trying to lure us into believing their supplemental insurance is best. I appreciate your detailed information though. It’s a good starting point for everyone that doesn’t know, like me. Thank you!
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I’m not sure, but you may be referring to a Medicare supplemental insurance. Generally they renew automatically unless you change it during the renewal period. Please reach out to the 1-800-MEDICARE number as AlvaDeer suggested. They will help you make sense of it.
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Call Medicare at 1-800-medicare; they will be happy to assist you with all your questions.
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I am assuming you are 65 if collecting Medicare. Unless ur on SS Disability.

At 65, if already collecting Social Security, Medicare is automatic. If 65 and not on SS then u need to sign up. There is no renewal either way. You have it for the rest of your life. Now if on SSD and go off of SSD that would be a different thing.

The only time there is a "renewal" is if you are on Medicaid. Then once a year eligibility papers are sent out. This is just sending in paperwork requested to make sure you are still within their criteria.

You pretty much only hear from Medicare when you get statements showing any medical services and providers you have seen. It shows what they have paid to the providers. Medicaid does not send statements.

If you are on Medicare you have an ID card. A number should be on the card to call. They can tell you if you are covered. Same with Medicaid, you have an ID card. If this is what u have, call them to see if you are covered.

Like explained, we are not Advocates. All you need to do is call Medicare (or Medicaid) and the representative will help you. If you run into any problems, call your Office of Aging in ur County.
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Jan, this is a chat site about caregiving, not an advocacy site. The people on it share a wealth of knowledge, personal and informational. Someone may be able to help, either to answer your question or to point you towards an advocacy service, but they will need more information. Could you post the details? If your real name is Jan C., it might be a good idea to register again with a made-up name so that you can be anonymous. Best wishes.
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