He can get into his bathtub, that’s about it.

Next time he falls, instead of going over there to pick him up, call 911. Then place a call to Adult Protective Services and let them know what's going on over there. You may be doing him a big favor.

Good luck!
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There isn’t enough information here to assess this situation. I will say that you sound more critical of your neighbor than compassionate. We don’t know if he’s nice or a grouch who isn’t appreciative of your help. Fill in the blanks for us please.

As far as taking a bath, if he is falling, you must know that it isn’t safe for him to be bathing alone. Council on Aging can help him bathe, tidy up, prepare simple meals, etc.

Please don’t criticize someone for stinking due to not bathing. If you could not bathe you would stink too. I have reached out to homeless people who stank horribly but they are human beings that deserve to be treated with dignity.

You don’t state his age, his physical or mental health or anything else for us to assess the situation.

Your message clearly comes across as you view him as a burden. Has he been a neighbor of yours for a long time? How long has he been falling? If he is falling he needs help. Falls are serious for the elderly.

You don’t have to be the person to help if you choose not to. Does he have relatives living nearby? Can you call Council on Aging for him? What about adult protective services? Anyone that could possibly help, a church perhaps.

Best wishes to you and your neighbor.
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Call APS and tell them what you have written here.

He needs help and perhaps does not know how to find it. It is not your responsibility to find the help, but reporting the conditions would be a good thing.
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Sounds intriguing .
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