Does your agency provide the basics of what Medicare is all about and tools to help a person decide which parts of Medicare to enroll in?

If, not, can you please provide local, Fredericksburg, folks who can?

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Make an appointment with your County Office of Aging. They can help u with info u need to pick what is best for you.

Each state only allows certain Insurance Companies to write in their state. My husbands former employer supplies our supplimental and requires we have Part B. There are Medigaps but they don't have prescription plans. There are Medicare Advantages but I would think hard by getting one of these. There has been a lot of discussion lately on the forum about them.
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Hi bobbed this isn't an agency but a group of people who meet on line to share advice and support. AgingCare does have several general Articles about Medicare, I hope you can find something helpful there
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