I looked up on line. The largest hospital in your county is The Aroostook Medical Center. They have a referral service. They accept both Medicare and Medicaid and would have doctors who accept those programs.
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Debbie, one would have to start dialing and check with each doctor to see if they take Medicare and Medicaid. Sometimes a doctor will have a slot opened to take a new Medicare and/or Medicaid patient. Other times, the doctor is able to take any more Medicare and/or Medicaid patients at that point in time.

You could try going to the website of a local hospital. Usually hospitals have a link to finding a doctor. Maybe on that doctor's website it will say if he/she takes Medicare/Medicaid. Usually local hospitals don't have links to finding a dentist.

Now, if you were already seeing a doctor, usually that doctor will continue to see you when you start using Medicare.
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Contact Medicare and medishare. They know who their providers are. You can also try your county social services/human services.
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