My mother in law had gallbladder surgery at the very beginning of February. They sent her home way too soon, she fell, opened her incision site and had to be taken to the local urgent care clinic. From there she was able to get a spot in a rehab center in Midland Texas. She was there for 16 days. Still in a diaper, still can’t walk, incision site still healing from infection and they sent her home yesterday (2/29/20) my father in law is in his 60s and is unable to care for her full time. Part time caregiver isn’t enough. She needs 24hr care. But the rehab center wouldn’t keep her anymore. She was doing better while in the facility. And now that she’s back at home and because the medical care system is failing her, she’s more than likely going to die. I’m in California, the in laws live in Lovington, New Mexico. No high grade nursing facilities within 2 hours of their home. How can I help my in laws to get her back into a facility? It needs to happen ASAP

Two possible solutions: 1. Call APS- but the wheels may not turn fast enough. 2.- The other option would be to keep calling 911, but they would have to do it themselves.
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Do you have money to spend on this problem? If so, try and find an aging life care specialist in your area.

We hired a social worker to help with medical management and eventual nursing home placement. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny. My sister said when they walked into a doctor's office with their own social worker, she felt as if the doctor spent more time explaining things and offering more than one solution.

She knew a lot about local nursing homes and was very helpful in getting the applications reviewed by them.
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Call Adult Protective Services in her town and report an adult at risk.
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