I just got a call from the nursing home and my mom's insurance is looking at the 12th for discharge. There is no way she can come home. Any advice?


They told me to appeal so I did. The nursing home feels good about the appeal. There is no way she can come home, she just really started physical therapy last Monday. She has been out of it and hallucinations and mumbling until they finally took her to the hospital March 29th. Her kidneys were not working right and she had a UTI and she was dehydrated. She finally came back to us and she was there for two nights her big toe and part of her foot amputated and it’s not healed. She has a pic line and she gets antibiotics twice a day. She is a fall risk and she is diabetic and if that foot doesn’t heal she will be right back getting more amputated. I live in another state and I cannot live down there because I have tried over the last three years and I ended up losing so much weight that I had to go back to treatment for my anorexia so there is no one who can do daily care and Home health only comes a few times. I am just really worried and her home doesn’t have a place to bathe.



Thank you she is at the nursing home in rehabilitation center the good news is that we won the appeal by just with what I told them they didn’t get all the medical merecords she is good until we get another letter from her insurance she has an advantage plan it was the only option because my dad worked so long and they just went with part c so by the time she let me help her they were too sick and were denied she isn’t eligible for Medicaid because she has a farm appraised at 2.7 million dollars that’s what my brother has been going crazy about now he is done with her because of what my dad will said I know he has lived and breathed the farm my mom does cash rent with him I went to college and started my life he chose to stay but he holds it over my head anyway my daddy split everything down the middle and if I passed before my husband it went to him and then to my nieces but my daddy didn’t want my sister in law in the will his choice so my brother is going nuts he said where has my husband been the last 32 years we were always there when my parents needed us and he was working anyway my mom still is alive and it’s hers so I feel if she needs to get more care when she is done or if she likes being in the environment she should be able to sell it and she will be happy and not alone she is really enjoying being around people otherwise she is out on the farm alone my sister in law doesn’t visit only one niece visit every couple of weeks that’s lonely i think it’s for the best but I know my brother will go crazy one day he is saying we shouldn’t cut her down which he does and the next time he is calling her the devil who calls their mother that
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Maybe it's time to file for Medicaid. Seems to me Mom will need 24/7 care you can't give.
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I think Katie means call the SW at the nursing home. She's not in the hospital now, is she?

Yes, ask the NH to help you file an appeal.
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Talk to the social worker at the hospital. They cannot discharge her back home. Remind this person in discharge planning that she is very far from safe in her home, and they know this just based on that last few weeks. Insist they find a placement for her...it is dangerous for her to be alone, Be insisting!
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