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Your profile says you are taking care of your father. What kind of help does he need? Do you live with him?

Is his CHF well managed? How is it being treated?

Is the angry behavior new? Mention it to his doctor. Suggest a test for a uti.

Was there any particular trigger that started this? He's been angry ever since ... his dog died, his favorite team lost a championship, he started a new eating pattern, his friend moved away etc? How long has this been going on?

Have you tried to talk to him about his anger? At a time when he is calm and in a good mood, have you said, "Dad, you were really angry when the newspaper was late yesterday. You seem to get angry easily lately. Do you know why that is?"

What kinds of things does he not want to listen to?

Listening to his anger takes a toll on you, doesn't it? Try to remove yourself from his outbursts. "Dad, I can see you are upset right now. I'll come back later," and leave the room. Don't do this in anger, and don't make it seem like a punishment. You simply don't want to deal with all that emotion.
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Dear peacebear,

I know its really hard to deal with anger. My father was very frustrated and dismissive towards the end of his life. His health conditions contributed to his anger. It was hard on him. I don't know if the doctors could look at adjusting his meds or possibly changes to his diet or routine. My other suggestion is talking to a family therapist, social worker, counsellor or pastor for additional supports. Thinking of you.
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Peacebear, is this angry a new issue with this person? If so, if you can take this person to their primary doctor or to an urgent care and have a Urinary Tract Infection test done. Such infection can cause a person to become angry along with other non-friendly type of symptoms.

The congestive heart failure itself wouldn't be causing the issue unless it is a side effect from whatever new meds the person is taking for this condition.
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