My mother was both narcissistic and a hypochondriac. This is a no-win situation.
One summer, in her early 80's, she put me through hell with her obsession that something was wrong with her. The "pain" started in her female parts but, when everything checked out, the "pain" moved higher. She wound up having tests on every part of her body including an angiogram! They found nothing wrong. She expected me (only child) to go along with it all.

Now that she is 95 (end stage 6 Alzheimer's), she no longer is fixated on herself or her health. It was a long, hard road. You will be lucky if you don't loose your sanity. Can you share this responsibility with siblings? Or move him/her to a facility?

Always take care of yourself and when it's too much, (meaning you are paying too high a price with your physical and mental health), then stop being the c/g. You must take first priority.
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Simple answer to a simple question - don't! Get out while you can.
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Your profile is blank, so there really is no way we could even try to give advice. If you could re-post with more information, that would help.
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