My 90 yr old grandma fell ill very suddenly. They think viral meningitis. She is able to talk but is still confused on events. She was released to a rehab place her supplemental insurance will pay for so many days. She was smart and has a POA made listing both her daughters. They get along fine. But because my aunt is not main POA businesses won't let her stop like cable services because she is not main POA. My mom will try to call. They are getting tired. Grandma wants to go home now, but had told my aunt she could sell her house and she would stay in rehab place. I'm looking up home care agencies. Also looked up numbers for aging senior in local area. Who can help my mom and aunt get things handled so they don't lose their minds while they try to keep their jobs at the same time?

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I had to send a copy of my POA to the utility companies. Now Moms has passed, its the short certificate.
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Thanks! I told my mom the same thing about my aunt should just say she is the primary. But she doesn't like to lie. I called on behalf of my other grandma years ago so we could help. I like the give in writing my aunt theme primary. Because my aunt thinks they need to go to an attorney to get it changed. My mom doesnt have paid time off so she will loose another days wages. Thanks for ideas!
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rocketjcat Sep 7, 2018
I used to say I was my Mom lots of times on the phone to get things done with bills and utilities etc. SS and her insurance accepted me as her POA so I never fibbed to them.
I like the idea of just telling the company (over the phone) that you are your mother. If you don't feel comfortable doing that then there is another way...

A primary POA can authorize someone else to act in their stead for limited actions, much like a competent person can give permission for someone else to speak or act on their behalf. Primary (your aunt?) needs to write a letter that your Mom is authorized to make service level changes, including cancellation, for all utilities at grandma's address. Mail/fax/email a copy of the POA and the POA's letter to the businesses together with your instructions to reduce services.
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Your mom or aunt could simply say they are your grandma when they call to get services disconnected. If the cable company won’t accept a POA for your aunt, she should just call and pretend to be her mom.
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Call the Area Agency on Aging to see what help they can provide. They know of every resource available. A Geriatric care manager could help identify a suitable facility.
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