The place she is at led us to believe they could give her all around care with the exception of a full fledged hospital equipment. We understood that, but now they say because of her limited mobility and lift situations they are understaffed. All the "agencies" that pop up online to "help" find you a place I have mixed feelings on their motivations. Who did you find that actually was not biased and if we find a place with a waiting list we want her at, does the place she is staying have a right to kick us out until then. We are in MN. Thanks so much for listening and maybe have advice for me.

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Thanks for your welcomed advice. I had not thought of the local hospital social worker. She is in an area of smaller cities and towns. I do have a brother and sister to help with this process. And thankfully we are all in agreement as to the best welfare for her. Seems that the biggest issue is so many of these places are short staffed, it's hard to find good help.
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Suggest calling the local hospital social worker. Most of the time they know the capabilities of the area SNC facilities and can tell you more in one 10 minute phone call than you can find out for yourself in several hours.
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Your closest hospital's Social Worker can assist you with lots of referrals. (They do that all day long for hospitalized patients).
Call and see if she can make you a copy of her resources then I'd leave her a little goodie when you pick it up.

If you don't live in a large city, you could just talk to her on the phone and get one or two referrals.

When I was a nurse working in the hospital, the Social Workers were the ones with all the info.

Good luck.
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This happened to us when my husband needed to go to rehab. He needed a lift and is a 2 or even 3 person assist. The facility closest to us didn’t have people trained in how to use the lift. But, we were lucky they told us before he went there.

I’ve heard “A Place For Mom” does a good job. There are also private local agencies who will help. If you have someone help you it will make it easier on you. They will be able to find a facility who can handle Mom’s special needs. You don’t have to take their suggestions if you aren’t crazy about the places they find. You have the final say.

As as long as Mom’s bill is paid, I don’t believe they can make her leave. They are aware they can’t meet her needs and wont fault you for finding a place that can.
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