We have kept my husband's grandmother home for almost 2 years since things have gotten bad. I posted on here awhile back that she is now getting up 3 times a night and it is getting hard to do this. Well the 3 times has moved to 5 and we are getting wore out. Everything else is pretty good with the care we have arranged while we are at work and now we have respite for getting our one Saturday night a month, but being sleep deprived is wearing us thin. How can we make a transition easier on her? Do we include her in the visits? Do we start talking to her about it? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

It depends on how far along she is on the journey. If you think that she will not understand what’s happening, go on tours yourself and keep things upbeat about her moving there. If she senses you are unsure of the move, or the least bit hesitant, she will not accept the move well. The Social Worker at the place you choose can help ease the transition. They are accustomed to helping families make this transition.
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