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Please explain what you mean "I want him to come home with me".  Do you want to move your Father from a nursing home in Texas to a nursing home in Tennessee OR do you want to move your Father from a nursing home in Texas into YOUR HOUSE in Tennessee?
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How? Carefully and in an orderly manner. You have to find a lot of things out first.

I'm so sorry that your father has suffered a stroke at such a young age. When did it happen, how badly did it affect him, and what has he been offered in the way of rehab? Those questions are to do with whether now is the right time to move him or you might do better to wait until x, y, z.

Have you been able to visit him? Where are you based at the moment? What kind of care would you be able to offer him in your home?

Are you the only person (apart from your father) who is involved in this decision?

But in any case your very first step of all is to ask your father what he wants. Is he able to tell you?
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Hi Letrice
I see your father had a stroke. What are his limitations that required him to move into a NH? Was he there for long term care or for rehab?
Whatever you do, don’t stop his rehab. That’s so important for stroke recovery and it matters how soon he gets it.

Give us a bit more information on his condition.
Can he walk? Is he continent? Can he transfer? Feed himself? Is he self pay or on Medicaid?
Which of his ADLs does he need help with?
Will you have help transporting him and later at home?
Is your home set up for a handicapped person?
Regardless of your answers, sure, it can be done but depending on his and your circumstances it’s difficult to say what your first action should be.
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If your Dad is receiving Medicaid (not Medicare), moving to another state could be complicated. Each state has different requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid.
Best of luck to you.
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Isthisrealyreal Feb 7, 2019
And it doesn't transfer. Whole new approval process.
Boy, that's a complicated endeavor. When did he have the stroke? How much care does he need?

What are you thinking that you need to do?
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