Caring for parent is becoming more demanding since her needs are greater.

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States vary on facilities, but I would start by looking at what is available in her community. Do they have Memory Care facilities? You might tour a couple to see how they operate. Some are secure, if wandering is a problem. Find out if they are feasible cost wise. Will she be private pay or Medicaid. Medicaid varies by state as well. Some states provide Memory Care to those in need if they qualify for Medicaid and meet the criteria as confirmed by a doctor.

Some of the things that indicate assisted living Memory Care might be in order is if the person needs assistance or full support in bathing, dressing, meals, toileting, walking, taking medication, etc. Check with the Memory Care in your state, as they tend to offer activities for those who have significant mental decline. If she also needs skilled nursing care, then a rest home might be in order, as that's what they provide.

I would start the process before there is a crisis.
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Dawn, there are lots of articles and threads on this site about this very issue. At some point it comes up for many of us. The choices center around, part time in home caregivers, live in (24/7) care givers, assisted living memory care and skilled nursing homes. Patients wandering is often a trigger for facility placement. Ditto on falls leading to broken body parts that require surgical fixes.

A big issue is how involved and how large and cooperative is the family. But ultimately, dementia requires 24/7 care and in my humble opinion, that is beyond one family's ability. I would assess the financial situation as financial resources can extend the time in a home environment or give you more choices with a facility. Start to visit and make notes about places early in the game so you aren't making critical decisions on the fly. I feel it is better to visit frequently when you are 'together' than to have the person at home and be a basket case. Good luck
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