My mother's daughter who has not spoken to her in over 3 1/2 years after kicking her out of her home and leaving her shoes on the porch for later pickup has decided that she can call and make allegations as mom's primary caregiver that people are being prevented from seeing mom because the gate is tied (Mom has a dog). This is from a person who lives on the other coast. This is a person who is still angry as mom did not select her for her POA and Will, but me her son. How do others handle these people who cause much unnecessary stress and hysteria, and who others believe is a ticking time bomb?

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If you really do think she may be a ticking time bomb - you might want to take a few preemptive measures to protect yourself and your mother.

Keep a notebook journaling any contact - both positive and negative- that your sister makes. Even if this is by way of a third party - some other relative or family friend letting you know sister called them and said XYZ. It needn’t be elaborate or time consuming.

If the “concern” is valid - notate what action you took - if any. Look for patterns, themes and frequency.

“Forewarned is Forearmed”.
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do not answer her calls. You have POA .
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