My first thought was 'more power to him' - inconsiderate parkers drive me up the wall, too.

But, more seriously, I understand your concerns. Actually confronting such people not only puts your father potentially in the wrong, but could even put him in danger.

Could you be a bit more specific about what has happened? It's hard to suggest an approach to calming the situation without understanding exactly what's going on.
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I have to laugh. You sure we don't have the same dad? We say that he has a 'lack of social filter' anymore. It's the dementia talking. My dad is 92 and gets extremely upset and loud in public if someone is moving too slow, if someone kid's are bothering him, etc. Most of his trips out are with his caregivers and they just explain to him that it's not right to act that way. Think of how you would explain it to a small child. That's the technique we use.
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