Last night, X-mas eve she hurled the Dish-draner across the Kitchen. I ask her what is wrong with you!? She says I don't have anywhere to put this, my counter tops are cover with stuff. She keeps stuff on her counter top so that they won't get damaged. Anyway I got mad at her. I find it hard to control myself. It just ruined the evening. She wanted to have just 4 of us over to have tamales. She ordered 5 dozen. That pissed me off too. I want her to get on meds, but she says she doesn't want anymore. She cries all day and yells all day. It is so sad that she is spending her years so miserable. HOPELESSNESS?

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KatKat124, time to have Mom checked for an urinary tract infection. Such an infection can mimic dementia, and also can cause violet behavior. It is well worth having check out.
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KatKat124 Dec 26, 2018
She has been angry all her life. But it is worse than ever for the last year. She just got off of antibiotics, should she still be checked for a UTI ?
Hi KatKat… first Merry Christmas. Sounds like Mom is having some major frustration. The depression can affect the frustration level. From the category I suspect that depressions is your Mom's major issue. My honey passed away, but I know the ups and downs that were there due to his depression. The temper tantrums, the anger and the severe lows that he got into. A lot was due to his illness, but he had suffered with depression as well since his strokes. His meds helped until the last year. Your Mom needs to get on meds which will help a great deal. It is hard to watch or be around someone we love going through this. Hopefully she will agree to go on meds to help with the depression and anxiety. Please talk with your family and her doctor. The anger is one thing but the fact that she is becoming violent is another.

As to the tamales...they freeze well and then when ready for some just pop them into the microwave to reheat. (smile). Hang in there.
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I can “hear” how upset you are. However, you need to take a deep breath, calm down and think about what has to be done. If you have brothers and sisters, get together with them and talk over what needs to be done and done now. This violent behavior of her’s will just get worse. Someone could be badly injured if at some point she decides to hurl a knife at you.

Mom needs to see a doctor. She needs to be tested and evaluated for dementia or other mental illness. She needs to be on medication. If she is that out of control, she needs professional help. It’s only “hopeless” if you do nothing. .
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KatKat124 Dec 25, 2018
That is a huge point about a knife.. omgosh. My brother lives with her she is violent with him daily. She has hurled heavy chairs into walls and crushed !!! A Marie Calendars metal pie pan into a ball with her hands. I will be calling her
doctor this week. When she
see him she fakes doctor out,
I have been there. My last
visit with her at doctors I got
him to get her to see a
therapist. But she has only
went once. I do believe they need to put her on depression meds. Also last summer she beat some man's car with her hands at the gas station.
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