My dad is being verbally mean to me almost every time I go see him and when I call him. I know he doesn't know what he is doing but it still hurts. He also has sundown syndrome which has been really bad this week. Calling me every night saying he is dying. He is currently at a physical therapy place because of a recent fall. He is very paranoid saying they are watching him, to he has cameras in his room, to calling me telling me that they are killing him. Trying to get him back on some anxiety meds he stopped taking but it is taking forever at this place. I just don’t know what to do to help anymore. He has been homeless because he won’t listen to anyone. Goes out and spends all his money right when he gets his social security check. I have been talking to APS but they work really slow. Just hope they can help me. It’s really stressful.

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Sorry, to hear what's happening. I know it's stressful for the family member trying to help. The only thing that really brought me relief was when I had my LO placed in a facility where she was taken care of. It was even more of a relief when she went into Memory Care. They were much better equipped to handle my LO's care. Working with the doctor is also helpful, because, they can determine if medication might help with the anxiety and mental distress. If that can be addressed, he may be more content. I wouldn't blame him for not listening or taking good advice. His brain likely isn't capable of doing that.
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Is there a social worker at the facility he is at ? They may be able to help you out and give you some options. My Dad is very mean to me too and it is heart wrenching.
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Have him evaluated while in rehab. He can be taken right from rehab to LTC. Apply for Medicaid. If his anxiety meds were mentioned to the hospital and he took them there then he should be given at rehab. Check this out, if he isn't getting them then their doctor can prescribe.
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Krspalding Nov 2018
What is LTC?

The meds we’re not from the hospital. He was on them in the past when he was in another facility for a week. That’s where he was diagnosed with dementia.
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