Six weeks of intravenous antibiotics to cure MERSA left me feeling weak and tired. It has been several years. I am 81.

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A few MD's and integrative doctors have put my parents on Arabinogalactigans, 15,000 mg of L-glutamine daily to build the intestines, fermented saurkraut, 1tb on each meal. Soil micro-organisms. ... there are bacteria in every nook and cranny in the body and even inside your kneeds there is a certain bacteria, that without it, the cartilate breaks down or rebuilds depending on if that particular bacteria remains inside the knee,. Who knew? You need to get an integrative doctor on board because not all medical doctors know how to remedy the side effects of MRSA antibiotic treatment. YOu seem to be without a protocol for recoveriing after the fact so i am assuming your doctor did not know to give you any protective protocols. I would see what he says but still get an independant integrative dr involved to fix the effects of the antibiotics.
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I second Gershon's reply. Go back to the doctor who treated you for MERSA. It's possible that your tiredness and weakness do not involve your immune system at all. There should be medical causes, and once you learn those, the doctor can suggest possible treatments. This isn't a good time to rely on the recommendations of lay people. Whatever is needed, Medicare should cover the bulk of it.
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MERSA is quite difficult to treat and can lead to amputations and death. I had it and almost lost my hand.
The antibiotic treatment is awful, but lifesaving. It does leave patient with lingering side affects. And can cause antibiotic resistance. Many holistically minded practitioners recommend a pre and probiotic regimen. I have not heard of any other treatment which helps rebuild immune system.
I would say a very clean diet along with supplements would be an excellent idea. I also daily take an organic wheat grass drink w celery juice and coconut water and add organic cucumber, fresh berries, and celery. It helps add nutrition and to cleanse vital organs and eliminate toxins.
I believe keeping our bodies healthy takes a great deal of effort. There is so much pollution in every part if our daily life. It is hidden in our environment, our food, products we use in every facet of life, its everywhere we turn. It takes a great deal of effort to keep it out if what we ingest. We just do the best we can.
I wish you all the best. I hope you can find some improvement to your energy.
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PatBess Apr 9, 2019
ThanksClick Chick, I haven’t been doing prebiotics. I’ll try that. I got a breast cancer diagnosis in Nov. I think the problem was my weakened immune system so I am trying everything to fix it.
Antibiotics destroy the delicate biotic system existing in our gut, which is where our immune system is based. You can rebuild it by taking a combination of pro and pre biotics. Prebiotics are the building blocks, the seeds of the immune system in our gut. Probiotics are the fertilizer. It's a good idea to take them on a regular basis, even when not taking antibiotics, as things such as sugars and artificial sweeteners and many other things in our modern diet interfere with the natural balance in our gut health. However, a course of antibiotics can ruin the balance for up to 3 years!
Eacting a low sugar yogurt with active cultures on a daily basis is an additional way to boost gut health.
Consult your local health food store for advise on best pro and prebiotics available.
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Of dear, first off whomever had you on this medicine is who you should be discussing this with.

Go back to your doctor and get some sound medical advise.

If it's been several years since this treatment and you are still feeling this way you need to get yourself some medical and nutritional advise a s a p.

If you can't get yourself to the doctor you must get a loved one or a community volunteer organization to assist you but do it right away.
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