My mum lives with my 22 year old son in another house and me, my husband and 14 year old daughter live with my mum in law in another house. We arrange this as both mums cannot stay together and my mum doesn't like my husband. Mum doesn't like my mum in law at all and has been very disrespectful. I have dealt with this in few ways, soft and hard way, but none worked. Mum also cannot stay with my brother because she doesn't like my sis in law. Can you please advise what should I do to manage her?

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Your mom lives with your son, her grandson.
You and your husband and your daughter live with your mother-in-law.

Your mom doesn't like you husband.
Your mom doesn't like you mother-in-law.
Your mom doesn't like her daughter-in-law so living with your brother is not possible.

I'm just trying to get this straight.

Is your mom unable to stay with your son? Are you looking for another living arrangement for her? It sounds as if your mom doesn't play well with others and there aren't many (if any) living arrangements available to her. If mom living with your son is working out try to do everything you can to keep peace in that situation. If it's not working out and your mom doesn't like anyone she can always live in a nursing home. Maybe you can give her a choice. She might decide that so-and-so isn't so bad when faced with moving to a nursing home.
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