How can I get someone in assisted living?


I told doctor my Mother in Law needs to be in Asst. living. Due to not taking care of herself, Meds in fact Sept of 2016 almost had stroke due to not enough med. Just not going to doctor when she needs to. Just this UTI was so bad talking out of mind. Then husband I found she has be sending huge amounts of money to brother. That is why she does not have money for med or enough food for month. Told doctor of this while in hospital ask if we could get in asst. living. He told her what are plans where did not end well with my husband and her. She transported by ambulance we don't want to pick her up due to the fact she can no longer take care of her self.

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Ask to speak to the social worker at the hospital immediately. Tell them that you can no longer care for her and that the home is not a safe place for her to live any longer. Brother is stealing her money even if she is sending it to him. Does anyone have charge of her money? Does she have a will? Is there any way you can stop her from sending money to Brother? Tell the Social Worker What has been going on with Mother.
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I take it she lives by herself? What does she expect to happen? Are you and your H paying for her necessities? Assisted Living is expensive. How will she pay for that?

What kind of help does she need?

It's going to get complicated. Don't become MIL's caregiver, even temporarily...refuse to pick her up, because then she WILL become DH's and your responsibility. Do you want that?  
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