My mom is going to be 90 in Feb 2019. She lives alone 8 hours away from me. I’m an only child and her only sister left out of 10 is in the same city I live (where my mom was born and raised).

My mom is a hoarder and had claimed for 30 years she is going to clean up and still says this, but it's not going to happen. The floor is covered with paper trash and clothes all over and 3 rooms are floor to ceiling and wall to wall stuff. Kitchen is not usable cause of clutter, she uses microwave. It has not been cleaned in at least 25 years. She won’t let people in. I tried to get meals on wheels but when I arranged it she canceled cause she is scared someone will see inside. This summer I tried to talk to Dr. and he said he could discuss anything with me cause she won’t sign HIPPA. I told him about the house and even sent pictures. I have tried for 25 years to get her to do the important papers like POA and she won’t. She does have a will. What can I do to get her to sign these papers? How can I get her to let me clean and maybe sell house and move to facility close to me. She doesn’t have money to move without selling house and the house is falling apart.

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Contact the local city/County code enforcement agency and Adult Protective Services. When they investigate they may be able to take legal actions which will be make her safe. But don't expect it to be easy or for her to thank you. Check cable tv or YouTube for stories on hoarders. Or give up and let nature take its course.
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