If they do not accept the POA, I am going to have to sell my Aunt's property.

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If appearing in person to a regional manager doesn't do it, then get a lawyer and get a court to order the bank to recognize the POA, asking for the bank for the lawyer's fees and loss time. If your POA document complies with state law, then the bank that operates in that state must accept the POA. They can try to require you use "their" POA document, but that is a bank policy and not a legal requirement. Banks want to keep the money to meet their on hands cash requirements and have developed ways to delay access to stable accounts of their elderly depositors.
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rovana Sep 2018
Actually, I suspect it is more a matter of having recourse when competing individuals claim POA.  How do they protect themselves since POA can be given and revoked and given to someone else so easily.  They want to be able to say "This paper specifies the POA for this person and as long as we honor only that POA, we will be held harmless." Can't blame them - I'm not a bank but I'd do the same. Gotta protect yourself from feuding family members.  Now if the court orders the bank to comply, then they have their protection.
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