Mom went into a nursing home in my area and 4 siblings are 400 miles away as 2 are out of state. I'm the one for the last three years visiting daily and dealing with the nursing home, doing mom's laundry and eating meals with her, being at all her doctor appointments when having to leave the home etc.

Myself and my one sister are both on the POA but my sister never came down to be present and sign when the POA paperwork was being notarized. Is it still binding for her?

This same sister had the money from the sale of our Mom's house but won't give it to me or my other sister who had my mother in her home for a year and had to pay out of pocket for what Mom's SS money wouldn't pay... How do we get Mom's money to pay bills etc?

I'd have an attorney review the document to explain what it covers. Normally, the person who is appointing the POA (principal) is required to sign it.Those who are appointed (agents) normally don't sign, except for perhaps an acceptance page that is separate. I'd ask the attorney if that is a requirement in your state.
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