Mom was hurt in a fall, a broken femur and left hip. At the hospital she had to have emergency surgery for a pace maker before they could help her other injuries. The hospital said she wasn't able to make medical decisions, so my youngest sibling of 7 children was given POA and the hospital had mom sign. If mom isn't able to make medical decisions, how could she make a life altering and legal decision like POA?

Is the POA legal if it was signed in a hospital under medication and dementia?

I would ask the hospital about it. Whoever the POA is shouldn't be a mystery to you at all.
I asked when I paid MIL's bills and they said that her son [my husband] and daughter was an alternate. No big secret.
It may be a temporary POA too.
We had to show hubby's sister the paperwork when she said we were lying.
It was a simple way to clear it up.
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Is it legal for the POA to refuse moms kids the right to see the POA? And how can I obtain a copy of this supposed POA ,can I legally get a copy without going to court
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Hospital POA may have been a temporary medical/health care POA only valid for the length of the illness. The competency standard is often reduced for this type of short term arrangement. Mom would need to be competent for a DPOA.
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Momsdoomed Sep 12, 2018
Is it legal for a POA to refuse to show the POA to the siblings and moms husband and mom? She cries and says it's a lie she didn't give her POA this has all happened in just a very short time frame 1/2018 thru 6/2018 my mom had dementia for yrs so how was a POA legal ,not given to the husband nor anyone else given a copy or allowed to even see the thing?
Can I get a copy without needing consent from our youngest sibling who is POA.
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