Hazel, do you find you do better with the written word? Thank goodness for e-mails, I love it. I avoid the telephone at all cost unless it is someone I know very well.

But I do find myself doing ok in an emergency situation.
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Your message just now is written very clearly. Have you tried writing your message? Let others read what you are trying to say.

I have done that if I am stressed out with certain situations or people. I found that is isn’t always that I am not speaking clearly. They aren’t listening so I wrote it plain and simple for them to read.

The bonus to writing is that they can’t interrupt your train of thought.

Best wishes to you.
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It doesn't matter if you don't speak clearly due to anxiety.

You speak clear enough to be understood. Don't you worry.

You're just as good as the next. Always remember that.

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Hazel, I would try to be upfront just as you were here. When you are in a position where you have to communicate with someone who doesn't know you well just explain to them that you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to communicate when you are uncomfortable at all, and ask for their patience. I have a friend who has CADISIL, which makes it VERY difficult for her. She can at times seem almost aggressive, she reacts quickly and sometimes almost inappropriately, and she can suffer from an almost stroke-like aphasia when speaking, with lots of word searching and so on. She has to explain that she has this condition often. You will find that most people will accommodate you when they understand. Wishing you the very best.
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Hazel you have not completed your profile and you give no indication of to whom you need to speak or what about.

When I was working as a MOA, I would have to communicate with people who for one reason or another either could not speak or it was very difficult for me to understand them. I found that written communication worked best.

If you need to make an appointment email and explain in your email that you cannot talk on the phone. Write down your concerns and give them to the people you need to know them.

Do you have someone who can help you? Perhaps they can make the appointment for you and attend it with you too. I have a friend who due to childhood trauma cannot advocate for herself. I attend appointments with her and hold her hand. It helps her stay grounded. I have her permission to ask questions of doctors and other medical personnel as she tends to freeze and forget when in a stressful situation.
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I'm assuming this is not a casual conversation but someone who needs to understand important information you are trying to get across? It might be helpful to write what you want to say in concise bullet points and make a copy for each of you to follow.
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