Caregiver Anxiety

Intense, persistent and generalized worry or fear that is out of proportion with any actual danger and interferes with daily functioning.

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  • Caregivers often live with high anxiety, which can be transferred to the person being cared for. Try these steps to help alleviate stress and unravel the knot of anxiety.

  • Stress is normal for caregivers. But constant worrying, unrelenting doubts and pre-occupation with worst-case scenarios can be unproductive and even paralyzing. Recognize the triggers of anxiety, stop worrying and reduce stress in daily life.

  • Anxiety disorders common among the elderly include general anxiety, hoarding and obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety can be a normal reaction to stress, but when it negatively impacts daily life, its crosses over into a serious medical disorder.

  • The guilt, grief, and anxiety of placing someone in a nursing home often impacts the desire to visit. A caregiver shares their experience with learning to spend quality time with Mom in the nursing home.

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