Caregiver Anxiety

Intense, persistent and generalized worry or fear that is out of proportion with any actual danger and interferes with daily functioning.

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  • In Caregiving, Anxiety Can Be Contagious

    Caregivers often live with high anxiety, which can be transferred to the person being cared for. Try these steps to help alleviate stress and unravel the knot of anxiety.

  • Caregiver Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Worry

    Stress is normal for caregivers. But constant worrying, unrelenting doubts and pre-occupation with worst-case scenarios can be unproductive and even paralyzing. Recognize the triggers of anxiety, stop worrying and reduce stress in daily life.

  • Anxiety, OCD and Hoarding in Older Adults

    Anxiety disorders common among the elderly include general anxiety, hoarding and obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety can be a normal reaction to stress, but when it negatively impacts daily life, it crosses over into a serious medical disorder.

  • I can't bring myself to visit mom in the nursing home. How can I move past my anxiety?

    The guilt, grief, and anxiety of placing someone in a nursing home often impacts the desire to visit. A caregiver shares their experience with learning to spend quality time with Mom in the nursing home.

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