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My parents live in their own home. My Dad is very ill, his heart. My Mom does all the caregiving for him. I want so badly to do more for them than I already am doing. My Mom is getting very tired, he's pretty much confined to their home, except for his doctor appt.'s, and an occasional outing. My job prevents me from being there for them, except for my time limited visits. I need my job as I live in an apartment, luckily 6 blocks from there house. I feel guilty, being so close to them, that I can't be there more for them and be able to have the time to do more for them. I want to be able to give to them, what they gave to me, but if I don't have my job, I'd be in a bad situation. I feel guilty asking this, but, if I am able to have the kind of time they need so that I can take care of them, is there any financial aid available to me? Thank you, Lorene.

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most of the programs I know of won't pay a spouse, though; they consider that part of her job
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Lorenec97, please don't take this the wrong way, but since it is your Mom who is doing all the caregiving of your Dad, one would have thought that you would ask if there were any funds to help pay your Mom for all the hours she is putting in as a caregiver.

Past this information onto your Mom.... contact your county agency on aging for programs such as Case Management, Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care, housing, care referrals, etc,... go to the website link below.... click on your State.... now click on the city/county. Your Mom can also ask if the State offers "Cash and Counseling" programs, each State is different with different rules and regulations.
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Further thoughts - since you're mobile you could perhaps help by doing their grocery shopping, helping at home with the laundry, perhaps arranging for Meals on Wheels....similar things like that which would relieve your mother of some of her chores.
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This is always a tough question. So many caregivers provide for their parents out of love, and often out of obligation. I wish we could be paid; it would be a lot easier for us. If you've been on this forum for awhile, you'll know that many caregivers give up their jobs to take care of their parents.

You're fortunate that you still have a job and can earn an income, so you have that to provide for yourself. Perhaps instead of thinking of how you can get paid, you could think of what you can do for your parents in the time that you do have, especially since you're so close.

Even if you work a 40 hour job, presumably you would still have some evenings and weekends. How then could you maximize that time to help your parents?
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