Can I get financial aid caring for my Mom?


I will be moving to another city to care for my mom of 83 yrs of age.

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Pacheco - this is question número uno on this site. Site has a an article "How can I get paid" that you should read and has like 180++ comments that you really really should read.

Caregiving in the US is basically done for free by family; which often spends & jeapordizes their own future retirement & health in the process. Look at all factors in this before you get too far into caregiving.
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I doubt you can unless your mom has the funds to pay you. And if she does pay you, you need to follow protocols...the most important of which is a personal care contract. If you fail to do that, should mom need Medicaid to help pay for her care within five years of any monies she paid to you, you will be expected to pay that money back before your mom will receive any help.

I've heard that some states do provide very minimal pay to family caregivers, but I've been on this diet a year, seen your question asked many times, and never has a caregiver stepped up and said, "I get paid."

Don't quit your job. If your mom needs THAT much intensive care, she will probably do much better in a facility. And so will you.
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Majority of grown children do not get paid for taking care of their parents unless the parent is able to pay you for your time. If you mother can do that be sure you put together an employment contract to show where her money is going for caregiving.
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Can I get financial aid
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