I have been granted access during the pandemic due to mom's mental and social requirements so it has just been me for all these days. I asked about hospice just so I could get more help and time away but they are only letting hospice nurse in once a week so that doesn’t help.

I have seen huge decline in the residents and my mom. They need to see people and the care is lacking to say the least. I can’t afford a sitter if they would allow one but can pay a tiny amount if I could get help. Any suggestions?

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Would they actually allow someone else in to help care for your mom?
Bringing in another person would increase the number of risk factors.
And...even if they would allow someone to come in I think you would find it difficult to get someone to go into a facility at this time particularly if they are working caring for other people.
Is your mom on Hospice? The Hospice I volunteer for is allowing volunteers to go into facilities (and homes) IF the facility permits it and as long as the patient and the volunteer follow guidelines and wear PPE.
While you are doing this, the facility staff is getting a break as they have one less resident to care for. And I am betting they are not reducing the cost of your mothers care due to the savings you have given them. I would just say you are either going to cut back your hours or start taking 1 or 2 days off.
The main reason someone is placed in a facility is that they can not be cared for at home for a variety of reasons and there is appropriate staff at a facility. And you are still taking on the care responsibilities that should be done by staff. You need time off just like an employee does.
(not sure of all the reasons behind the "mental and social requirements" that would necessitate you doing their work.)
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