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She would probably qualify for Hospice.
The great thing about Hospice usually is there is another set of eyes that come in and care for mom. The Nursing Home would no longer bathe her but Hospice would, the Nursing home wold not dress her, Hospice would, no the days that Hospice is at the facility.
BUT with the COVID19 situation many facilities are not letting Hospice workers in they are using their staff to limit the exposure for both residents and the staff of the facility.
You can ask if Hospice staff is still coming to the Nursing Home. If they are then it would be another person that is monitoring the health of your Mom.
Ask the Hospice that you choose if they are still going into the Nursing Home.

You could also ask if it would be appropriate to transfer your mom to the Hospice In Patient Unit. If they did then Hospice staff would care for her and most likely you would be able to visit.
It is worth a call to Hospice and ask.
The other benefit of Hospice is you would have the support of a team of people that are there for you as much as mom, Social Worker, Chaplain if you wish as well as others.
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