I am a RN in hospice with this forced isolation of my elderly population in nursing homes and assisted living facilities I am seeing declines at rapid rates with increased falls, infections, confusion, weight loss and death faster than before do to this forced isolation. Is anyone doing research on this phenomenon?

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As an RN, you might have better ideas than us on scholarly articles or studies, especially in journals of elderly medicine, or something similar.   

Did a quick search on "pandemic, isolated seniors, effect on health, studies" and got some hits that might be worth exploring.

I frequently look to the NIH for insightful studies, but I don't think it's had the opportunity to focus on these issues yet.

As to the effect of the pandemic, I suspect there will be a lot of research and analysis when time permits, but I think right now the focus is more on the immediate needs of the general population, sad as that may be as seniors in as you say forced isolation are probably more vulnerable than the general population in many ways.

I assume there are some journals of geriatric medicine, or of nursing home care that might be a good source.

AARP sometimes references studies, and the Alzheimers Assn. might also have some relevant information.

To me, it's perfectly understandable, and frightening, that forced isolation on top of everything else the elderly are experiencing would be enough to affect health, in all the ways that you mention.    But what a sad way to end a life.
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