I couldn't believe it when the nursing facility contacted us and of course, it was at the last possible minute.

As it stands, this facility often fails to take basic medical precautions such as HAND WASHING. I am terrified that this could mean the death of many patients including my father.

What can I do?

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I think the virus is so widespread that it is not a question of if a senior care facility will have cornoavirus introduced into it. It's a question of when will it happen. In most parts of the country, the problem is no longer at the point where you can identify someone and do contact tracing and isolate. It is way past that. All they are trying to do now is slow it down. They can't stop it.

I'd be upset too, though. Hopefully, if the test comes back positive, Maggie917's father will be part of the group of patients that recover and develop immunity.
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cbern56 Apr 2020
I agree that it's a question of when, not if. So maybe we should focus on early detection and treatment. My mom-in-law has dementia and lives with us. In spite of all precautions, she just developed Covid. We had her tested but once she developed a low grade fever my doctor began to treat her, not waiting for the test results. She is getting Zinc, Hydrocloroquine, and Z-pac. The trio seems to be very successful in our area. Her fever is down, energy level normal, but her oxygen levels dropped a bit. She's doing well on an oxygen condenser.
So now it's a waiting game. Our main problem is getting her to keep the nasal cannula in. We are taking round the clock shifts to watch her, and try to keep her hands occupied.

What has the facility told you about the additional procedures they will be implementing?

I think you will find - I'd be extremely surprised if you didn't - that PPE and infection control standards have been radically tightened up over the last two weeks. Even the most slatternly worker won't want to catch this virus, after all.

If you're still terrified, I'm afraid your only option would be to bring him to your home and adopt 'shielding' protocols. Can you?
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Unfortunately this is occurring in many states. As Worried stated, where else would they go?
I will bet the NH will set designated beds in a wing to keep those patients as isolated as possible.
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Update--He has a fever and cough. They did a swab, but it will be 48 hrs till they know.
The part that is making me angry is that I think this facility is lying... They call On Sunday afternoon to say they *will* be admitting patients in the coming week. In the middle of the night, they call to say my father has a fever. This afternoon, they tell my family that there is a patient there who tested positive.
Again all of this info within 24hrs??? I feel as though they have already admitted covid patients and they are covering their butts because current residents have been infected.
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Don't know what state you are in.  NY is mandating that nursing homes accept COVID positive people.   Nothing you can do.
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We're at a point here, I guess a tipping point may be the term to use, where we simply cannot house covid 19 patients in the streets--and sadly, the elderly are most at risk...and we don't have facilities equipped to handle this!

I know everyone is working to make this as safe as possible for everyone. My mother and MIL go absolutely NOWHERE and haven't for some weeks. Food is delivered to their homes and left on the porch, I guess. Still, they are both on def-con red as to anxiety. The virus is going to run its course and we are going to get through this. I am really sorry if you feel that your NH is not being honest--all you can do, short of pulling dad out of the NH is make sure he's as protected as he can be, and that protocols are being followed.

We need to strive to remain calm through this. I know I am doing OK through the day--but wake up during the night having horrible panic attacks that last for hours.

It certainly does NOT behoove the NH to just bring in sick patients and quarter them in with the "healthy" ones. That is a recipe for disaster.

Call your NH with your concerns and keep yourself healthy as you can.
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I think this is very confusing. I cannot believe that a facility with well elders will be accepting covid positive patients into the same facility; if there is a seperate building this would be ok. Otherwise not. Doesn't make a bit of sense to me. Where is this happening? If you have an actual nursing home accepting covid patients them this is big news and you should go immediately to your radio and TV stations.
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worriedinCali Apr 2020
It’s happening in many states including ours Alva. And it absolutely makes sense. Where else are they going to go? It’s not like they are actually receiving treatment for COVID unless they need a ventilator. We can’t let them take up beds in hospitals. I wouldn’t be happy myself but I mean what is the alternative?
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I just read an article that one state is paying nursing homes in there state an extra 10% plus $600 a day to take these patients. I guess these nursing homes don't want to turn the money down. My mom has been up ended from her room to another hall with different caregivers while her facility does this.
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Alicew234 Apr 2020
In Massachusetts they are completely reworking the staffing so that the "CoVid" section has dedicated staff that don't care for "Non CoVid" patients. Maybe that is why your mom has been relocated? I don't begrudge the homes the extra money. They have to bid for Personal Protective Equipment like everyone else. And they need more of it than they usually do.
An expert said, (lost the reference) about a week ago, that people can be bringing their NH and AL patients back home.

Do not have a clue how that would be possible.

Will be looking into it.
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Don’t know if it’s a nationwide rule but in California any care facility that accepts Medicare (yes Medicare, not Medicaid) has to accept COVID-19 patients. My city just announced its first outbreak in a LTC facility, 19 residents and employees! It’s a nursing home with a rehab wing.
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