I would like to see a photo of my mom's foot sores. Her nurse at the LTC facility called to say there was a new issue. In addition, I would like to just keep track of the progress in healing of several of her wounds. They are telling me it is not legal for them to do that. I am her POA.

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As her POA you are giving them permission to take pictures of her sores. If they still say no, ask for the sites Drs# where you can speak to him. I am assuming she has diabetes that is why the pictures r needed. Does she see a Dr. for her diabetes? If so, maybe he can call and request that pictures be sent to him. With everything going on, the LTCs have to be willing to ease up little.
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jenlwren Apr 2020
She has pressure sores due to improper care that have almost healed after a year (no diabetes). The nurse reported the side of her foot is red. I wish to see the foot or have her wound care doctor (outside of the nursing home) to see it. The wound care doctor is not accepting patients who are from a facility with Covid-19 it will need to be a virtual visit or photos.

I will contact the primary doctor in the nursing home, as you suggested, and ask him to look at her foot and contact her wound doctor.

But, even after this issue...if this isolation lasts many more months I would like to be able to "see" her foot to check it every so often. If they only give the video or photo to the wound doctor...I am ok with that. As long as someone outside of the facility is monitoring it.
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