My father died about a year ago and I was his part time caregiver. We prepared (mom passed in 06) and it was peaceful thank heavens. I'm an only child with no spouse. I had to give up my apartment and job in TN to clean out his house in PA. Moving back home was really hard and frustrating but he had never gone thru moms things so there was just too much to do from ten hrs away.

I had moved into the house temporarily to finish and stage for sale and became engaged to a man I had known for several years who was from my hometown in PA. Unfortunately my fathers interrment was too much for him and he married someone else without telling me ( I found out from his mother.)

After losing my dad, life in Tennessee and my marriage to be I was devastated. I tried hard to pick myself up though and keep going. After this I hired a concierge to help me finish cleaning out attic, etc (heavy lifting no help from ex) and we got it done. For sale sign up. However, the concierge broke into a locked cabinet in my home and was arrested in other charges! He's now in jail.

This has been an unbelievable year. His lawyer wants me to post bail!!! Is this some kind of plot?? I'm exhausted and don't know who to trust anymore. Right now I'm exhausted, can't get out of bed even. I need to go back to TN and try and my life back.
People are saying I should take it easy but I don't have a stable base here and the house is mostly empty. I feel hopeless and unmotivated. My dad's illnesses were hard enough I didn't think the post death responsibilities were going to be in some ways harder.

Has anyone gone through this??

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Hawk, that is so much for you to deal with. Emptying homes after parents passing has to be a very emotionally draining experience. Would you be able to get your job in TN back? And a broken engagement on top of everything else while you were dealing with your fathers death. Would you really want to be married to a man like that? Not me.

Take a week or two, and try to get out and do something for you, maybe a massage, out to dinner, a new hair style, whatever makes you feel good. Find some grief counseling for everything you have to deal with. Many churches have grief support groups that are helpful, and also relationship recovery support as well.

Take it one day at a time.
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Can your real estate agent help make arrangements for lawn care and then you can go home? I think that is your healthiest option.
You don't post bail for this idiot who broke into your stuff. He is nuts.
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Sounds like you need to see a doctor for an antidepressant and a therapist to deal with everything you are grieving about.
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