My mom has been approved for Medicaid and is back home with me. Medicaid pays for adult day care 2 days out of the week and a few hours of caregiving/homemaking. My question is how do I get even a long weekend or a week away by myself with our major shoestring budget?
I called up that care for mom service and they told me a minimum of $150 a day is the best they can find in my area (Tampa). Any other suggestions for my situation? No one else in the family is in a position to take care of her.
The Medicaid rep for my mom is more interested in proving my mom needs less care, less caregiving hours, etc than anything else so I don't feel like I can get anywhere with her.

Respite care is important for our well being. Otherwise the risk is high for burning out. How long have you been a caregiver?

Have you called Council on Aging in your area? They will do a needs assessment and if your parent qualifies they will receive help with bathing, preparations for light meals and tidying up their room. In my area there are shuttles back and forth to doctor appointments as well. There is a wait list. It’s usually only a few hours per month in four hour shifts.

As far as a vacation I don’t know where you can receive help for that. Sorry. Maybe others can chime in and help.

Best wishes to you.
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So glad you got respite info from Medicaid!!! Not sure what state you are in but in NJ (at least several years ago) the Medicaid respite "clock" reset every year so you might be able to get much needed respite care again in the future. Hugs and blessings to you!!
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ssnow04 Jan 16, 2020
Thank you. I had no idea it was an option until I asked the case worker. We are in Florida. Medicaid at home coverage is still a bit of a mystery to me but it doesn't help that the case worker gives you info on a "need to know" Hugs to you too!!
I read in your profile that your mom has dementia. I’m so sorry. Also read that your siblings were not trustworthy regarding her care. Again, I am sorry and admire you for being a strong advocate for her.

I also see that you are doing all that you can and realize that you need respite so you can maintain your own rest and health, both physically and emotionally. So good that you recognize this.

You went through the procedure of getting your mom approved for Medicaid which was a very smart move.

Why not go one step further and place her in a Medicaid approved nursing home? This will ensure that she receives proper care, plus you will no longer need respite care in the future and therefore risk burning out caring for her. What do you think about a nursing home for her?

You can make plans to tour a few of them. Select one that is most accommodating for her needs and you will achieve peace of mind knowing that care is already established before it becomes absolutely necessary for her.

I am only pointing this out now because it is easier to make the arrangements now rather than later at a more stressful time.

Best wishes to you and your mom. Hugs!
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$150 a day is cheap. It's at least double that from a service around me.

The only thing I can think of is if she's on hospice. That allows for 5 days of respite care every "period". That "period" seems to differ from as little as 30 days to 6 months depending on reports from different areas. In my area, it's 5 days every 30 days.
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ssnow04 Jan 15, 2020
I found out that medicaid pays for 7 days respite with no co I arranged that. They just suspend home services for a week. She will be in an ALF for that time.
I can care for her. I just would like some time away for respite...and not just an afternoon.
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mstrbill Jan 12, 2020
In that case you're going to have to hire someone to watch her. Maybe try contacting your local Area on Aging to see if they have any suggestions in your area.
Does your Mom need 24 hour care? Is she able to be alone for periods of time? If not, maybe she should be in a Nursing Home. What if you are unable to care for her for any number of reasons. What would happen then?
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