Medicaid and Seniors

A jointly funded federal and state program that provides health insurance for qualifying individuals with medical needs, low-income and little to no assets. Eligibility and benefit distribution widely varies and is determined by each state.

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  • Qualifying for Medicaid coverage is a complex process that involves making sure a senior’s income and assets fall below certain levels. “Income cap” states allow applicants to use a specific kind of trust to help them meet these eligibility guidelines.

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  • Longer lifespans and rising health issues may mean your savings will not last throughout the end of your lifetime. Many middle class American seniors are considering applying for Medicaid to help with these expenses.

  • The Medicaid application process can be extremely complicated, so be sure to do your research beforehand. When applying for state Medicaid benefits, you may want to consider hiring an elder law attorney to help.

  • When an at-home spouse dies before a nursing home spouse, how does that affect Medicaid? Learn how to maintain Medicaid eligibility after the death of a spouse.

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