Can she stay my caretaker and have power of attorney or does my new husband have it.

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Also if you get remarried, you could find that if you are getting any retirement income based on late/first/ex husband work history or retirement will stop upon your remarriage. You really want to find out if your financial status on income will change if you remarry.
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justme1043, please give us more information. What are your medical conditions that require that you have a caregiver?

Will your husband-to-be be able to become your caregiver instead of your daughter thus allowing her to go back to work or be back full-time with her own family?.... or does your husband-to-be have medical issues that will require your daughter to be a caregiver to two parents?

As for Power of Attorney, as GardenArtist and Sunnygirl had mentioned above, your daughter can remain as your Power of Attorney or you can change it over to your new husband, it would have to be as a legal document. Or you can have both your new husband and your daughter be both POA, collectively, and any one can act alone and without the approval or consent of any other successor Agent. Get the advice of an Elder Law Attorney what would work best for your family.
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Daughter can be POA, but I would make my desires in writing, so that down the road daughter and husband don't butt heads. It's a common source of disagreement in families.
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You can name anyone you want in a power of attorney. It doesn't have to change when you get married.

But as to caretaking, I'm wondering what your medical conditions are that you might need a caregiver. Does your fiancé intend to provide caregiving, or are your conditions such that you might need some 24/7 while your husband works?

More information on the caregiving needs would help others answer your question.
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