When I ask my sister who is financial executor she says it is her because she is executor of his will? I know this is legal. what can I do.

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Is there some reason your sister should not have both financial and medical POA? It is much easier to make decisions and coordinate care if only one person fills both roles at least if both POAs are in total agreement and work well together. What is it about the care your father is receiving that you disagree with? If it is a matter of where, when and how he gets care rather than negligence then it is perhaps for the best that sis has taken the lead role, it is impossible to make decisions based on consensus if one party in the process will never agree.
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If your sister got legal guardianship, she is in control of all aspects of his life, not just his health. It only comes about after a long court proceeding where all interested parties (including ALL his children) would have been informed of. It is also a very expensive process. I somehow doubt this is the case since you don't mention that you attended the court proceedings.

If she is ONLY the executor then she has no power. The power of the executor starts upon death....and has no bearing on life.

Does she perhaps have POA? Or maybe even just MPOA? These are different and limited roles.

I think you should verify exactly what she has.

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