I have 2 sisters, 1 older and 1 younger. The older sister never does anything to help with Mom who is 84 and in early stage dementia. My younger sister handles things like taking Mom out to eat and checking on her during the day. I have (had) POA since last December. I handle Mom's finances and take her to her Dr appointments. Mom has a lady that lives with her and is there every night. We were informed last Sunday night by Mom's live in help that my older sister and her husband had brought an attorney to Mom's house at 7:30pm and had her sign a form to revoke my POA. The following night they were there after 9pm going through Mom's things trying to find her social security number. The live in help said they had Mom so confused, she couldn't even remember her ss number. She also told us that they did not explain to Mom what she was signing Sunday night, just told her to sign it. When my younger sister and I talked to Mom about what happened, she didn't remember signing anything. She got very upset when we told her what was going on. We told her it was not her fault and we would take care of it. Since then older sister has been trying to get Mom alone, we're assuming to have her sign another POA. She has harassed Mom so that Mom is staying with younger sister and not wanting to go home. We have been to any attorney who is now representing me, younger sis and Mom hoping to get my POA back in force. Our only concern is that older sis will get to Mom and have her sign something else. Even though we have told Mom not to sign anything, she still forgets.

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She has been with Mom for a year and is very reliable. I saw the document that was signed. My sister didn't even sign it. my brother in law and an attorney friend of his who has been disbarred signed as witnesses. Another female attorney notarized it
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Something doesn't sound quite right... an Attorney would need to ask your Mother if she understands the paper she is signing. If Mom seemed confused, then the Attorney is not allowed to let her sign any type of legal documents.

I wonder if the live-in help was correct about what she saw or overheard. Does the live-in help remember the name of the Attorney? If so, your Attorney could contact that Attorney to see what paper work actually was signed, if anything.
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