My husband has dementia and is receiving Hospice care which is a huge help to me. He sleeps or appears to sleep all day. Doesn't talk much. He doesn't speak unless spoken to. He now sleeps in a hospital bed in the family room. Doesn't eat as he once did. I don't know if he understands that our 43 year old granddaughter died two months ago. I'm having trouble getting things repaired that need attention. No family in our area and the cost to hire someone is too much for our budget. He is 85 and I am 82. I have diabetes, type 1, insulin dependent. Have periods of hypoglycemia. I have medic alert since my husband no longer recognizes when that condition happens.

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I found this informative article here on Aging Care that might be helpful for you regarding your husband's condition. Event thought the article states Alzheimer's, dementia follows a similar path.

So sorry to read that your hubby is now on Hospice care. To see if there is help for you go to this link, find your city/county and give them a call. Something like Meals on Wheels could be helpful for you, and any other programs that the agency on aging might have.... .
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