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No we’re not playing that game in this family. I am mobility challenged and thank my hubby profusely when he picks up things at the store for us. Since he does the cooking he chooses the groceries that are needed. I make a list for the few things I want and need.

My mom wasn’t fussy when others shopped for her and as a younger person she was very fussy.

There comes a time when you just don’t have the strength to be controlling and mom and then I reached that point.

Hubby is an excellent shopper once he got the hang of it!
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yesterday, I went to three stores trying to buy the right thing. Didn't get 3 way light bulbs and bought gum with sugar in it. She didn't say sugar-free gum nor 3 way light bulbs. I just ordered them from Amazon.
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YES - when I was married.

Hence the reason I've never re-married after the divorce. But that's another story...LOL
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cause stores used to carry one type of toothpaste and now theres 20 to pick from LOL

same for other items as well

diced tomatoes. with salt. without salt. petite diced. whole. with Italian. with peppers.

even I get it wrong.

but I know what you're saying. hard to shop for another person.
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gati, oh how I remember that. That started back when I was in high school, Dad and I would go get some groceries that my Mom forgot to buy. Oh heaven save us if we got the wrong item. Mom did this her whole life right up until she was in her 90's.

About 4 years ago, I decided to use an on-line service when it came a point where my parents could no longer do grocery shopping. Well, Mom fussed over the items, even though the items were identical to what she had been using for years. Could not convince Mom it's the items were from the same grocery store and they had partnered with an on-live service.

Also, run for the hills if a product changed its packaging. Same identical stuff inside the new packaging. Oh no, it's not the same thing, it tastes funny.... [rolling eyes].
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