Medicare won't, only an agency and I would have to have to pay part of it. I can't afford it and my husband isn't working, he is staying home caring for me. My disability affects all weight bearing including just walking.

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We get this question quite often. And sadly, the answer is probably not. All states are different, but I’ve never seen a post here that said the family caregiver got any kind of payment from anywhere but the funds of the person they were caring for. In your case, as in mine caring for my husband, that’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul. A survey I took once on whether I’d qualify for compensation suggested taking out a reverse mortgage on our home as the only way to get money.

About the only things you can do is call your local area Agency on Aging or Jobs and Family Services and ask if there is any help you can get. We get a whopping $15 a month in food stamps, so don’t expect much, but you can try.
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