Grandpa is on home hospice but unable to get around on is own or change clothes etc. Grandma is having health issues and no longer able to drive and needs help getting to and from appointments. Someone to get groceries prepare meals and do household chores. I have been off work so I have been taking care of things but it is no longer something I can do because of finances.

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Unfortunately, most of the responsibility has been left up to me. :(
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Grandma and grandpa could pay you but the government won’t. But there are programs out the kazoo to be of help to them. I don’t know they’re financial situation but perhaps you do. Food stamps, special rent discount, also some churches will come to do repairs on their home or could run errands for them...

My parents saved a lot of money in anticipation of their old age. I am grateful to them for that because I cannot afford much to help and my daughter gives them time for everything from grocery shopping to house cleaning.

My mom is getting frail and has dementia so she’s in assisted living facility and my dad pays out of their savings.

It doesn’t seem long ago my daughter and I were doing things for my parents that you’ve been doing for your grands. We didn’t ask for payment then. But things change fast and my mom got worse and my dad refuses to pay my daughter anything when she comes there to help.

She isn’t working while she’s there so it ends up she can’t pay her bills. That drops it in my lap so I guess you could say I pay her to care for my parents.

The grandparents can be unreasonable at times. This is a bone of contention between my dad and I.

Bless you for what you’ve done to help them but seldom will anyone be fair or even say thanks.

There is a generation between you and your grandparents. How about them? Anyone helping literally or financially besides you?
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Family Caregivers who are paid are extremely rare. Each state sets its own funding and its never enough to support the caregiver. In addition, there is no health insurance and no retirement benefits. The way you can find out for sure is to call your local area Agency on Aging and ask.

The only way you would get paid is if your grandparents have enough money to pay you out of their own funds. In that case, look up Personal Care Agreement on this site, copy it and fill it out, having them sign.
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