Mother has to move in with me and has no more money. Is there any assistance for caregiving?


I have limited funds. Is there any assistance for caregiving? She is going to be 85 soon.

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Eric, as an attorney you might want to take a look at the TOS of this site. Since you're posting and referencing your law firm, it seems to me that you're advertising it.

And you do have a URL for your firm in your profile.
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Graciekd, if your mother is a war-time veteran or if she was married to one, then the Veterans Administration may be able to provide assistance for her care (e.g. adult daycare, in-home health aid, and/or a monthly pension).
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Do you mean help in your home. If so, call Medicaid and ask that your Mom be evaluated for in home services. They go by her income, not yours. Your local Office of Aging maybe able to help with an aide or with information on how to get help. Medicaid may help with Daycare. Moms Daycare picked her up and dropped her off. She was given breakfast and lunch.

I would think Mom gets Social Security. I also hope that you are using this for her needs. Some people feel that once a parent moves in with them that they can't ask for money. I never felt that way. No, I never charged rent because her living here didn't effect our utilities etc. But I did use her money to keep up her house which was being sold and her personal needs. Like pull ups, wipes, etc. If she had no money, yes we would have supported her. At that time my brothers would have to contribute too.

Now if ur talking an Assisted living, most are private pay. Some Medicaid after 2yrs if they have a room available. Nursing Homes usually except Medicaid but you need to file for that. Mom will need have no more than 2K in assets. She can have a house but cannot pay for upkeep. Her SS and any pension she receives goes towards her care.
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Doesn't she get Social Security? Has she applied for Medicaid? Have you put her on waiting lists for housing that is tied to income?
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